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Various studies and researches conducted by PINGO's Forum


pdf Impacts of Climate Change on land Use Patterns & livelihoods of P&HG Popular

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Impacts of Climate Change on land Use Patterns & livelihoods of P&HG.pdf

The study's objective was to assess the impact of climate change on the existing traditional and government land use patterns in P&H-G communities. These include grazing, hunting and gathering patterns. Secondly to assess the impact of the land use changes resulting from climate change; to the livelihood of the P& H-G, and Finally to document lessons and strategies that would help in to initiate applicable adaptation and mitigation methods in P& H-G communities.

pdf PHG highlights of issues 2016

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PHG highlights of issues 2016.pdf

Throughout the year, pastoralism is reflected in the media in different forms, depicting both positives and negatives. This publication has a few selected newspapers that have addressed issues on indigenous peoples from January to December 2016.

For a hi res version of the document, you can download it from our drive.

pdf Socio Economic Study Popular

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Socio Economic Study.pdf

As a livelihood system, pastoralism model offer survival means to majority of rural residents in Tanzania. It is the main source (more than 95%) of meat, milk, skins, hides, and other by- products, which benefit millions of Tanzanians

pdf Vanishing Rangelands Popular

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Vanishing Rangelands.pdf


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