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folder Katiba


folder Katiba Inayopendekezwa 2014

Nyaraka mbalimbali kama zilivyotolewa na Tume ya Mabadiliko ya Katiba wakati wa mchakato wa mabadiliko ya katiba.

*Various documents as provided by the Constitutional Review Commission.


pdf KAI submission to CRC English Popular

Download (pdf)

KAI submission to CRC-English.pdf

pdf Mapendekezo ya Wafugaji CRC Popular

Download (pdf)

Mapendekezo ya Wafugaji- CRC.pdf

pdf Mapendekezo ya Wawindaji CRC Popular

Download (pdf)

Mapendekezo ya Wawindaji- CRC.pdf

pdf PINGO's Mapendekezo ya Katiba CRC Popular

Download (pdf)

PINGO's Mapendekezo ya Katiba-CRC.pdf


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