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pdf Climate Change Migrants & IPs Adaptation Strategies Popular

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Climate Change Migrants.pdf

The publication gives an overview of how indigenous peoples deal with climate change and the pertaining effects. It highlights social adjustment, biodiversity conversation, to local adaptation strategies, among many.

pdf Climate Change Partnership with IPs in East Africa Project Summary Popular

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Climate Change Partnership with IPs in East Africa Project Summary.pdf

While many indigenous peoples live a “low-carbon” lifestyle, they are among the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change since they depend directly on natural resources and thus their ecosystems for their livelihoods. An implementation status during the project's inception phase.

pdf COP21 Agreement Popular

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COP21 Agreement.pdf

The final Conference of Parties agreement as per the Paris meetings, COP 21.

pdf Drops From God Popular

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Drops From God.pdf

“Drops from God”: Climate Change, Prolonged Droughts and the Insecure Livelihoods of Tanzania’s Indigenous Peoples

pdf Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation Strategy to IPs Popular

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Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation Strategy to IPs.pdf

Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation Strategies on Indigenous Peoples Livelihoods: A Case of Tanzania

pdf Indigenous Knowledge & Coping Mechanisms Popular

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Indigenous Knowledge & Coping Mechanisms.pdf

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation of Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania: What Role Can Indigenous Knowledge Play?


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